“Game of Thrones man hatred” and More Weird Search Terms

It’s been a while since I rounded up any of the weird search terms I’ve received, so I figured I’d do it today to brighten up everyone’s Wednesday (including mine).  So here are the lovely search terms that people found my blog through:

rose leslie sex scene

writer self-deluded novel

is it really necessary for someone with chronic psin to moan out loud constantly

i hate slang

easiest chronic pain to write about

reasons why i hate teenage books

every girl on game of thrones naked

game of thrones man hatred

why do guys like game of thrones

Ah, Game of Thrones.  You either hate it or love it according to the internet.  And since I wrote about why it’s okay for women to like it in my chart-topping article I constantly get weird Game of Thrones search terms like the ones above.  Since I wrote about chronic pain a while back I get weird search terms from that.  (Also, no it’s not necessary but the person asking that question should be a little more empathetic.)  Basically, there are no seriously creepy search terms like I sometimes get, but there’s still a lot of naked women terms.

Seriously people: I don’t have naked women on my blog, especially not the Game of Thrones women.  If you want to see some of them naked go to Google Image Search or YouTube.


    • Carrie Slager

      It’s always kind of a scary thing to look at search terms, but some of them are pure comedy gold. If you look at them, you have to post them, though! 😉 I want to see what weird terms other bloggers get.

      • Megan.S

        Well, I just looked for the last 30 days…and I can’t report anything interesting!! My name, specific authors, and book titles comes up. Hopefully I’ll get some creative search terms soon!

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