Stay Tuned for Actual Regular Posting!

I’ve been really flaky this summer and I have no excuse for it other than a) work has been super busy because it’s tourist season and b) I’m lazy.  I let my technology problems in July get me out of the daily posting schedule and now that everything has been resolved I’ve kept on with my laziness.  But I have some exciting announcements to make up for it:

1.  I will be posting consistently because I’ve made an effort now to catch up in my reading and all blog-related general maintenance.

2.  Tomorrow I’m going to rant on something more than a little controversial.  Yay, rants!  I haven’t had one in ages.

3.  I’m at 996 followers, which means I’m going to have my big 1000 follower giveaway any day now.  When I do, you should stick around because the prizes are pretty awesome.

So basically I’m sorry for the random inconsistency and I promise it’s going away.  Thanks for sticking through it though guys; you’re awesome.

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