“Fairy Lovers” and Still More Weird Search Terms

Yep, it’s that time once again folks: time to round up all of the weird search terms!  If you’ve missed the previous installments of my weird search term series, here they are:

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So what weird search terms are we up against today?

fairy lovers

mad brown girls porn photo

is it bad to read 100 pages in one day

5 hours to.read.100 pages

read to me the word lynburns

mad reviews

adult vacation partils

reading pages through 1 and 100

And the weirdest of all:

old building-ajacket-being escorted around by strangers

Any of these ones stand out to you guys?  What are some of the weird search terms that you’ve received recently or not-so-recently?



  1. Jemima Pett

    For some strange reason, the name and location of one of my friends keeps coming up as a search term on my blog. Come to think of it, she did a short story post on my blog in 2013, so that must be why.

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