Poll: Have Your Say!

Again, I have to apologize for missing things yesterday but SaskTel is having some serious internet problems way up north where I live.  Even as I’m typing this it’s cutting in and out!  So if I don’t get to your comments right away I apologize and I’ll try my best to get to them when the internet is on.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking that I haven’t had a poll for a while.  I like using polls to feel out my readership and see what you guys think I’ve been doing well, what I haven’t and how I can improve/keep things fresh.  The first poll will be about something I’ve been thinking about for a couple of days: new articles.  Here are the series titles and the explanations:

Forgotten Figures: In which every month or so I write a biography on an awesome historical figure that has been largely forgotten by the majority of people today.  It’s not very book-related but it’s about people I would love to see in fiction. (ex. Aurelian, the Pharaoh Ahmose, the empress Eudoxia)

Writing Pitfalls: I’ve done this article before and I want to know if you guys want me to continue. It’s essentially me examining where authors go wrong in writing novels and how they can fix it.

Book Blogging 101: A series of articles in which I write advice for people who are new to book blogging or are thinking of book blogging. I hope that it could help existing bloggers too. (Sample titles would be Gathering a Readership, Getting Started, ARC FAQs)

The fourth option is to keep going with some of my previous articles dissecting books, like The Hunger Games and Ancient Rome and its far less popular sequel, The Hunger Games and the Third Servile War. It won’t be a series as such but I would continue examining other popular books that contain allusions and such.

So here’s your poll for that:

If you have the time, I’d love to hear your thoughts on these particular article series pitches.  Do any sound like something you’d read on a regular basis?  Why or why not?  Do you have an idea for an article or series?

Feel free to give me some criticism too.  I wouldn’t be a reviewer if I couldn’t take criticism as well as I dish it out.


  1. Jay Dee

    Forgotten figures would be interesting, but the others are also very useful. Hard choice, so I said all of the above.

    And Saskatchewan? Fun. I’m from Alberta, but I’m currently in a much warmer place on the other side of the world.

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