Completely Random Kitten Update

Remember back in July when I got my new kitten, Tyrion?  Well, he used to be 1.9lbs at 7 weeks old when I brought him home.  This is him at five days old:

Carrie Picutres 2014 005Well, he’s certainly grown and thrived since then because here’s a more recent picture of the formerly-little guy:

tyrion dec 2014-2When I brought him home he was so tiny for seven weeks that I thought I’d have a perpetually 7 or 8 pound cat.  I’m thinking this is not the case since he’s 6 and a half months old and straddling the ten pound line.  He’s got a lot of growing to do yet!


    • Carrie Slager

      Yeah, it’s funny that you think how little they are when you first get them and then BAM! they’re 10 lbs and still think they can sleep in the space between your neck and your collarbone. 😉

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