Lazy Sundays: Saskatchewan in Winter

This year we were pretty lucky in my area not to have such an early snow, unlike last year when we had snow on the ground since October 17th.  We didn’t really get much snow until mid-November and it’s been pretty icy ever since.  Add to that the fact that my car is rear wheel drive and driving can be pretty interesting.

But one of the only good things about winter is that winter in Saskatchewan is extraordinarily pretty.  We have all of the picturesque fields, the snow-covered hay bales, and most importantly of all, tons of hoarfrost.  Today I braved the cold so I could share some of the beautiful scenes with you guys:


013I didn’t go to get any closeups because the snow is up to my knees in the fields (even though you can still see some of the quack grass and weeds poking up) and it is miserably cold.

So what are you guys up to this Sunday?  What’s the weather like where you are?


  1. jcckeith

    It’s Sunday which means it’s my super lazy day. I lay around and do nothing for the most part. The weather here I believe is around 40 F although it dropped below freezing last night and we had frost on the vehicles this morning. Here in the Ohio Valley area, the weather for winter ranges from days where you could wear shorts all day to bitter cold and snow. This area doesn’t handle snow or ice well at all. The slightest chance of snow or ice tends to cause a lot of business and school closings. We had a couple of inches a few weeks ago and almost everything shut down. Couldn’t imagine what it would be like living in Saskatchewan with all that snow all winter!

    • Carrie Slager

      Ha! Those kids are lucky. When I was younger, the only time we’d get out of school was for -40 C or lower. And that’s without windchill. Unless there was like, say, 6 inches of snow or so, we’d never get out of school. Now it seems like they call weather days once a month or so if it snows just a couple inches or dips below -30 C.

  2. charliegirlteachergirl

    Oh, I love the photos. I love the concept of snow…except for the whole freezing cold that comes with it. I suppose I’m too Texan to handle it! LOL There was a slight chill today, but I was super lazy and only took the dog out three times. If I had the time to, I might have built a fort in my bedroom..after sucking down a bottle of cough syrup. That’s the kind of day I’ve had. 🙂 Keep the pictures coming!

  3. "The Light-Bearer Series" Novelist, Emily Guido

    Love, love, love snow at Christmas and New Years! I live by NYC. However, we have not had a lot of snow at all! Imagine that! It doesn’t look like we will have it for the Holidays either. I’m sad! I’m a transplant from Southern Indiana and the ONLY good thing about living here is the Holiday Snow. I mean that literally! It’s not a place for a Mid-Westerner gal. Lots of love, Emily PS- I read your blog all the time and love it! My books are YA Paranormal Romance, but I love all the good advice you give!

    • Carrie Slager

      Thanks so much for being a loyal reader, Emily. I always appreciate the tweets about my posts and the likes as well as your comments.

      Yeah, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas unless there’s snow, does it?

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