Fiddling Again

Over the next few hours or so, possibly into this evening I’ll be fiddling around with some formatting stuff here on my blog.  I’ll probably use a new theme and that means I’m going to be moving widgets around.  Things will disappear, random things will appear, etc.  I’ve done this pretty much every single year so for my older readers this is pretty normal.

It’s going to be a little chaotic but in the end I hope everything will be much better for the new year.  Thanks for your patience.


  1. Lady Fancifull

    Great, Carrie! I must admit to really not liking coloured background surrounds, patterned backgrounds and all the rest, as they are quite hard to read. Expanses of white suit me very nicely. There are some great blogs, in terms of what is written on them, that I just can’t stay with because of all the whistles bells and bows going on in the background.

    We all have our individual quirks about what we think works, don’t we. Some of the themes have background shades which I can’t help but think of as ‘unhealthy colours’ I know that sounds weird, but some of them make me feel quite queasy,. I think I have some quite visceral response to shades.

    Anyway, I like this!

    • Carrie Slager

      I’m pretty much the same. The only thing is I don’t like it too white and plain, which is what themes like Truly Minimal were. At the same time, like you, I hate reading most brightly coloured blogs because it’s hard on the eyes. One truly repulsive theme is the Fruit theme, which has a nauseous yellow background and yellow hyperlinks. It’s layout would be perfect for me if not for that.

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