Lazy Sundays: I Have a Weird Kitten

Part of being a book lover seems to also mean I love cats, which I of course do.  So like the crazy cat lady I am, I’m going to talk about my cat on this lazy Sunday while I brainstorm for my next Forgotten Figures article.


I know that all cats have unique personalities and quirks, just like people, but I think my little Tyrion is weirder than most cats.  Here are just some of his odd quirks:

1.  He has a favourite toy that used to look like a squirrel until he ripped its tail and arms off and tore its front up so bad I had to sew on a patch.  (This squirrel is a pretty sad-looking critter, I’ll admit, but Tyrion would go ballistic if I just threw it out.)  The odd thing about this is that he takes it everywhere, even to bed, just carrying it around in his mouth.  He’ll go up to his scratching post (which has a bowl shape at the top for him to sleep), bringing his squirrel and set him down between his front paws.  Then he’ll bathe both himself and the squirrel, occasionally making prrrt sounds at it like he’s talking to it.  It’s just plain weird.

2.  He likes fruit.  Specifically, strawberries, oranges, pineapple and blueberries.  I thought cats weren’t supposed to like citrus?  Like, at all.  So how on earth does this crazy cat harass me whenever I cut up strawberries for myself until I just give in and give him a couple small scraps?

3.  Ever since I brought him home when he was seven weeks old, he loves to stand up on his back legs.  Usually it’s when he hears a sound and wants to see what’s going on, but sometimes it seems to be for no good reason.  Apparently, in addition to liking fruit he thinks he’s a meerkat.

4.  Finally, he sticks his tongue out a lot.  When he’s sleeping, when he’s awake, when he’s playing/play-fighting with me, etc.  It’s like he forgets to stick it back in and when I touch it to remind him he has a tongue he gets annoyed.  My old cat did that sometimes but I think that’s because he was getting senile; Tyrion is as sharp as a whip but he still leaves his tongue out.


So, how about you guys?  Do your pets do weird things that aren’t really typical for the species?  Does anyone but my cat have a favourite toy that’s sort of like a comfort blanket?


    • Carrie Slager

      That’s okay; he’s pretty darn cute with his tongue sticking out. So is Tyrion but it’s just so weird to me because I’ve never had a cat do that. Or the thing where he randomly stands up on his hind legs. That boy certainly has abs of steel. 😉

  1. Donna Flint

    We have two kitties from the same litter who turned 8 months old yesterday. They love to lay on their backs. It’s so cute to see them laying there with their bellies sticking up, like they want belly rubbed. The Calico female, Lola, likes exactly three rubs, then she will grab my arm and gently nip it until I stop. Charlie is an orange tiger long haired and he loves to have anything rubbed for as long as you care to rub it and will tell you loudly that he’s not finished when you are. Lola was the runt of the litter and is still short, but is getting fat, and Charlie is twice her size. Lola will eat anything and everything and begs for people food from Hubby (cause I don’t give it to them very often) and Charlie is finicky and only likes certain things. It’s amazing how different they are, being that they are brother and sister, but we love them both.

    • Carrie Slager

      Tyrion is about seven months old, actually so they’re pretty close in age! 🙂 Tyrion loves belly rubs; he absolutely demands them. He’ll randomly flop around in bed or flop around on the floor and stick his belly up and he won’t be happy until you rub it. It’s pretty funny. Then he just walks away when he’s done.

      That’s what I noticed with Tyrion’s litter. They were born in a garage on a farm and I went to see them about once a week to socialize them, make sure I wasn’t getting a wild kitten by the time six weeks rolled around. Anyway, the personalities in that litter were so different. The biggest one looked like a cow (white with black splotches) and was about as smart as one too. Whereas Tyrion, who was nearly the runt of the litter, was always crafty and leading the other kittens into trouble. There couldn’t be any bigger differences between siblings, believe me! Every kitten in that litter had a completely unique personality.

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