“people who criticiz the endings of books” and More Weird Search Terms

Yes, folks, it’s time for another weird search term round up and I’ve got some pretty bizarre ones this time around.  Here are just some of the more recent weird search terms I’ve received:

people who criticiz the endings of books

i’m an artist i will not work for free

the mad warlock

goodbye farewell to a wonderful person

zombies horribles

most self published authors bad writers


mr.willy wonka;s factory write an essay the story of my name is khan

age apropiate mad books

why do girls hate game of throwns

mouse oracle

the mad zats flowers for algernon

what is the code word for walking dead november 23,2014

i’m greedy for you

{searchterms}nudist scenes

read to me the word lynburns

mad brown girls porn photo

And best of all:

did roman gladiators puke


Um…yes?  Like all human beings I think gladiators were capable of vomiting.  So what do you guys think of these search terms?  Have you gotten any weird ones lately?


  1. patricksponaugle

    In the past week, I’ve had a hit on “pugfilm” and my favorite “what is humanity spider man”

    I mean, it’s not that mysterious as I occasionally mention my pug Chi Chi, and I wrote about the most recent Spiderman movie, but the phrasing of the latter really entertained me, as if someone had climbed a mountain to talk to old, wise Peter Parker, who had a long gray beard, wearing a robe and tatters of red and blue.

    Pilgrim: What is humanity, Spiderman?

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