Submit Your Questions for Reader Request Week 2015

Last year I tried to do one of these and had every intention of following through with it.  Unfortunately, I ran it around the time I learned my boss’ diagnosis changed from ‘cancer-like and completely curable’ to ‘actual cancer and oh yeah, it’s terminal’.  So not only was I in a state of emotional chaos I had to suddenly take on a lot more responsibility at work than I had ever expected.  Therefore, I did one reader request post and nothing after that.

This year I actually want to do this and I want to do it properly.  I will be answering most if not all of the questions you guys pose me and I will follow through on this commitment this time, unforeseen circumstances permitting.  So let’s get to it!

If you have a question for me about blogging, time management, reviewing, author drama, completely off-topic fun stuff and/or personal stuff to a certain point, ask it in the comments below!  Or, if you’d rather stay anonymous, drop me an email or use my contact page and I won’t link to your site or any social media profiles in my actual post.

Thank you guys so much for this opportunity and I hope you gain some insights into whatever it is you’re curious about, whether it’s me personally or my blog.


  1. "The Light-Bearer Series" Novelist, Emily Guido

    Hi Carrie,

    I have a question about Author Drama. For one, I’m an Author, so any help I can get, I would love the advice. What I am dying to know is that if you have a book that you are reading for the pleasure of it, do you, for any reason, review it? Sometimes, the reviews I get are from people who pick up my book on a “Free” download time on Amazon. They say, I didn’t mean to read this book, but… yadda, yadda, yadda.

    I do the same also. I pick up free books and even though I was never asked to review, I feel compelled to review them. Sometimes the Author gets upset if my review is not pleasing to them. It puts me in an uncomfortable area.

    Thanks and I am a real fan of your blog. Lots of love, Emily

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