A Note on LinkedIn Requests

Today I’ve been feeling under the weather again so I wanted to address a little thing that I’ve really failed at for the whole three years I’ve been blogging: LinkedIn.

Lately I’ve been getting several requests to connect with various people on LinkedIn, some of whom I know, some I don’t.  They’ve been from authors and publishers, editors and illustrators and they all have one thing in common: my amazement at the fact I received them.  It’s flattering.  It really is flattering to know that some people would like to connect on a more professionally-oriented network.

But at this time I will not be accepting any invites onto LinkedIn.  I currently do not have a profile and do not wish to have one.  If at some point in the future I do get one it will be connected to my actual career and not my admittedly awesome and time-consuming hobby.  So while it’s flattering that some of you want to connect with me on LinkedIn, I won’t be accepting any invites in the future either.  It’s absolutely nothing personal and I didn’t mean to ignore your requests but none of the invitations I’ve received in my email link to a polite refusal button of some sort.

Sorry for not clarifying that sooner.


  1. patricksponaugle

    I have a funny LinkedIn story.

    I was planning a surprise birthday party for my wife a few years ago. She had tried to throw a surprise party for me years before, but I figured it out because she started doing weird things. Like calling my workplace, not to talk to me, but to my coworkers.

    Phone: Ring.
    Me: Hello.
    Wife: Hi! Uh, can I talk to [COWORKER]

    And scheduling a lunch thing with me on a weekend, a month in advance.

    Wife: Hey, we’re going to have lunch with [PEOPLE] next month, cool?

    Normally I find out about weekend plans on Friday night or something.

    So I had all that figured out.

    When I was going to surprise her, I really wanted it to be a surprise. I won’t bore you with one of the details, most of it was making sure my wife never noticed me doing *anything* out of the ordinary.

    I joined LinkedIn with the sole purpose of tracking down some of my wife’s former co-workers to touch base and invite them to the party. It was successful.

    Except one of my wife’s nosy friends saw that I had joined LinkedIn, and brought it up when we had gone over to their house for dinner. Nosy Friend was like a dog worrying a bone.

    Nosy Friend: I saw that you’re on LinkedIn. Are you trying to change jobs? How long have you been unhappy at work? Or do you think you might be fired? Is [COMPANY] doing okay?

    Wife: You joined LinkedIn? That’s weird.


    So I had to deflect from this and try to appear casual about it, so as not to arouse suspicion, but it was difficult because Nosy Friend was in full-on Investigative Journalism mode. Which I might have understood, had Nosy Friend also not been helping me with surprise party planning a few weeks before.

    So, remember kids… Social Networks can cause problems. (But I couldn’t have gotten the party handled without them…)

    • Carrie Slager

      Well, I would love to respond to each invitation with a “Not right now, thanks” option but I followed the link in the email and there is no such thing. It’s rather annoying.

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