Lazy Sundays: The Walking Dead Finale

Spoilers ahead!

Since I don’t analyze TV shows/movies as in-depth as I do books here are just some of my general thoughts on the finale tonight:

1.  I was convinced Glenn or Daryl were going to die for pretty much the entire episode.  I’m not sure why but knowing that Glenn is dead in the comics always makes me nervous when he’s in any sort of peril.

2.  Morgan’s back!  And he’s not crazy!  He’s oddly zen and I really hope that in Season 6 they go a bit into his backstory and we find out how he went from the total crazy person he was in ‘Clear’ to one of the more sane people in the finale ‘Conquer’.  Now that would be a story.

3.  I kind of want Michonne to take over Alexandria.  She’s got far more sense than Rick or Deanna.  Rick’s riding the crazy train right now and Deanna is probably going to get there after losing her husband and son in such a short period of time.  I don’t mean that Rick is as crazy as he was in the prison but he really does need to tone things down before he goes full Shane.

4.  Go Carol!

5.  Who are the Wolves?  And what’s their endgame?  They seem pretty messed up and I think they’ll be a major plot point in Season 6 but at the same time Scott Gimple has said that while people were the main threat in previous seasons, they won’t be in Season 6.  (That was in the letter Chris Hardwick read aloud on Talking Dead.)

Did you guys watch the finale?  Thoughts?


  1. Mark Lee (@MasqCrew)

    1. Pete had to die so that Rick can have a new girlfriend.
    2. The town didn’t get the full story, though the right decisions were made in the end.
    3. Pastor dude needs to go away. Don’t like him.
    4. Wish Morgan would turn into a regular … but rumors are that he’ll still be part-time next season.
    5. When are they going to run out of gasoline?

    • Carrie Slager

      1. Pretty much. Jessie is just replacement Lori and Pete was essentially a more sheltered version of Shane.
      2. True. I doubt if the whole story coming out would make much of a difference, though.
      3. Yes! I wanted Sasha or Maggie to shoot him so badly.
      4. If only. His actor does a fantastic job.
      5. Good question. I don’t think it’s necessarily running out as what happens when the gasoline destabilizes? If you let gasoline or diesel sit long enough it’s no longer good. I mean, even if you add fuel stabilizer there’s only so long it can last.

  2. patricksponaugle

    It was a pretty tense episode.

    I’m glad Glen didn’t die. I really like Glen.

    I kind of hoped that Daryl would have stuck around the food warehouse. To hunt Wolves. Just like the guys from Terminus, these guys need killing.

    • Carrie Slager

      Exactly! When they showed Red Poncho Guy about to die I thought Daryl and Morgan would ambush them and do the world a favour. Oh well. They probably need to save some action for Season 6’s premiere.

      What do you think about Fear The Walking Dead coming out this summer? I saw the mini-trailer and it looks sort of interesting. It would be nice to see how the outbreak started and possibly the cause.

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