Lazy Sundays: One Exceptionally Girly Week

I am a tom boy.  I always have been and I probably always will but I am fully aware of societal expectations regarding dressing up so I’m not totally clueless…or so I thought.

Here’s all of the girly stuff I did this week:

1.  I bought and applied my own make up for the first time ever.  In the past I only put on make up for dance performances and in those I always had friends that were all too glad to do my hair and make up for me.  So I went to the local Mary Kay representative and learned how to do my own make up and then bought some from her.  So far, so good.

2.  I’ve tried out hairstyles other than ‘ponytail’ or ‘braid’.  It’s a really weird experience.  Ladies, how the heck do you keep your arms up that long to do some of the more elaborate hairstyles?  All the blood drains out of mine and they start to ache.  Also, my hair will not curl.  Ever.

3.  I actually debated long and hard about what outfit I was going to wear.  As you’ve probably guessed, this is not normal for me!

So why would I put myself through all of this?

Well, the answer is that I decided to get some professional photos done for the first time in years.  I wanted to have some more formal, business-like ones her for my blog and for my real job and I also wanted some fun ones for my blog and to send to relatives (since I haven’t actually had my picture taken in at least two years).  It was a really, really weird experience being in front of a professional photographer again; I haven’t been to one since I stopped dancing.

About five minutes into what would eventually be an hour-long photo shoot, I began to have even more respect for models than I did before.  “Tilt your head, part your lips, give me that sexy look, go into this impossible pose!”  It’s really hard, particularly when you’re really uncomfortable in front of a camera.  The poor man photographing me had to do all sorts of crazy stuff to get me to actually smile widely and show my teeth.  It’s not that I wasn’t trying, but nearly half a lifetime of hiding bad teeth before I got braces is hard to erase.  But when he actually showed me some of the pictures on the camera I was much better because I could see it looked good.

Although I must admit most of my pictures are of me with my ‘Mona Lisa smile’, as pretty much everyone who meets me calls it.  However, despite some of the physically agonizing poses I was put into I actually had a good time.  It was really different getting all dressed up by myself for an event.  It was weird, yet slightly liberating.  Meh, it’s hard to explain.  After I go to the studio and check out the photos I might post some of the fun ones here on The Mad Reviewer if I like them.  If I don’t like them, only the extended Slager family will ever see them.

So, I had an exceptionally girly week.  How are you guys doing?  Anything exciting happening in your lives lately?  How is spring progressing in your particular corner of the world?  Who’s as excited as I am for next Sunday, aka Game of Thrones Season 5 Sunday?


        • Carrie Slager

          Especially the change concerning Sansa’s new location and Daenerys meeting a certain other fan favourite!

          I’m having a season 4 marathon today so I can get in the mood for writing my Game of Thrones article later tonight. It’s going to be a controversial one, to be sure.

          • Carrie Slager

            I’m looking forward to writing it because it’s something that’s been bugging me since I watched the show but I’m probably going to get death threats over it. ‘Cuz that’s just the way the internet works.

          • patricksponaugle

            I’ve got your back, regardless.

            I support your right to posting crazy opinions!

            If I disagree with them, I will respond, but respectfully. The goal is not even to change your mind, but to have a discussion. It’s a joy to talk to people.

            Fearless, you!

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