Lazy Sundays: The House of Black and White (Game of Thrones Episode 5.02)

Warning: spoilers ahead!

When I said last week that there were changes from the books I really had no idea that this second episode would change certain things so drastically.  So my thoughts on the episode in no particular order:

1.  Once again, go Jon Snow!  Watch out for those knives in the back you’re going to attract as Lord Commander.

2.  Poor Brienne, poor Podrick.  What are they going to do now that Sansa has rejected their help?  Sure, they’re going to follow Sansa and Littlefinger but how long until they get caught or some other misfortune befalls the almost comically unlucky pair?

3.  Ooh, Bronn and Jaime are taking a guy-bonding road trip to Dorne!  I wonder what the Sand Snakes and Ellaria are going to think of that when they of course discover the conspicuous duo.

4.  What marriage proposal is Littlefinger talking about when Sansa questions him about his raven scroll?

5.  I think Daenerys did the right thing with ordering the former slave’s death for killing that master before his trial but she’s going to take a lot of flack for that.  Everyone’s going to turn against her now, just like in the books.

6.  Yay, Jaqen H’gar is back!  And Arya’s finally been accepted into the House of Black and White to become a Faceless/Nameless woman.  I hope those scenes aren’t as boring as I found them in the books.

7.  Are we going to meet the Sand Snakes yet?  So far we’re two episodes in and we’ve got exactly one mention of them when Ellaria was threatening Prince Doran.

8.  Kevan Lannister is not like his brother Tywin but he apparently does have that Lannister steel (and misogyny).  Grand Maester Pycelle also sure doesn’t seem happy about Qyburn being named Master of Whisperers.  Mace Tyrell, being of course Mace Tyrell, seems perfectly content with Cersei’s empty flattery.  He doesn’t care where the order comes from as long as he gets some recognition.

9.  Poor Shireen.  She really does have a horrible mother and I thought it was so cute to see her teaching Gilly how to read just like she taught Ser Davos.

10.  Ah, poor Tyrion.  Still drinking, still indulging in self-pity.

So what did you guys think of episode 5.02?  I thought it was a pretty solid episode and I’m kind of happy with the Jaime and Bronn trip to Dorne.  It’s a huge change from the book but I think it will certainly make things more interesting.


  1. patricksponaugle

    I’m a fan of Kevan, abstractly, because he seemed like a decent guy in comparison to other Lannisters, but you’re right about him and his mysognistic vibe. Do you think Cersei planned on goading him to leave, so she could offer him a position of influence that she wouldn’t have to deal with? She seemed kind of “this is all going according to plan” when he was busting her chops and storming out.

    (Sorry I missed commenting last week, I’ll try to keep an eye out for your posts. I obviously enjoy them.)

    • Carrie Slager

      No, I think she honestly wanted him to be Hand of the King because then she thought he would be more agreeable. Kevan, knowing her since she was a child saw through her charade and I don’t think Cersei’s really used to that. I do think she honestly wanted him to be her puppet and she’s mad that he wouldn’t go through with it.

      • patricksponaugle


        I admit to being biased towards my interpretation, because I like the idea of Cersei deliberately architecting all her problems, but your interpretation is not only valid, but I think is in line with book Cersei’s disposition.

        I’m delighted that we’re at a point in the story where Cersei has a lot of direct influence. Because she’s such a mess.

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