More Book Expo America Preparation

Business Card

So this week I got two main things regarding BEA accomplished:

1.  This isn’t a very good picture but I think it conveys the idea well enough: I now have business cards!  Thanks to VistaPrint as well as Diantha Jones’ awesome logo she designed for me, I now look like I know what I’m doing when I encounter other bloggers, publishers, authors and editors at the book expo.  I ordered these on a Sunday night and they came Wednesday afternoon in the post, which is amazing for Canada Post.  (Canada Post kinda sucks at getting parcels places on time and intact.)  I got 500 business cards for $24.31, which includes shipping.  The actual price for the cards was $9.99 so even though the shipping was more expensive, I still can’t really complain.

2.  I ordered American money at the local Credit Union and was shocked to see that the government has actually decided to add some colour to the bills.  They aren’t all just that same shade of green!  You Americans may laugh at other countries’ “monopoly money” but at least we can tell what bills we have in our wallets without checking each one.  And now you can too!  This actually kind of shocked me and another thing I found odd when I was counting the bills was that newly printed American money smells like sweaty socks.  I don’t know why but it just does.  And I also learned that I prefer sweaty socks to the sickeningly sweet maple syrup smell Canadian bills give off that makes me want to barf.  Yes, the new plastic Canadian money smells really, really bad to me.

So what do you guys think of the business card?


  1. cav12

    Awesome business cards Carrie 😀 You’ll be a big hit at the book expo.
    As to monopoly money, you should see our Aussie currency!

    • Carrie Slager

      It’s even more coloured than our Canadian money! I still can’t imagine being American and having to actually look at every bill to be sure what denomination it is on a daily basis. It’s good that they’ve finally started to see sense with regards to colour-coding.

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