I Joined the Amazon Affiliate Program

After getting the offer to monetize some of my reviews from Penny Sansevieri and asking for your feedback, it was mentioned yet again that I should probably join the Amazon Affiliate program.  It has been mentioned several times before but I just didn’t make time to do it.  So today I made the time and joined up.

In addition to joining, all of my reviews from 2014 and 2015 now feature the new affiliate links.  So if you’re buying something off Amazon and would like to throw a little bit of support my way, just click on one of the links and go shopping.  Even if you don’t buy what I directly link to, anything you buy on the site within 24 hours of using that link gets me a little percentage.

Thank you guys so much!  As an example, here’s a link to one of my all-time favourite books: Aranya by Marc Secchia.

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