Lazy Sundays: Sons of the Harpy (Game of Thrones Episode 5.04)

So here are my thoughts on the episode:

1.  Since Baelish believes Sansa will be liberated by Stannis’ army (if they ever get there) he obviously trusts her to navigate the snakepit of Winterfell under the Boltons.  So he clearly doesn’t know about Ramsey’s…well, everything.  Most unlike him.  I really do wonder if they’re setting up more of Sansa’s ruthlessness as she’s left alone to take revenge on the Boltons.  Will she kill Ramsey?  Will Theon/Reek kill Ramsey?

2.  Cersei is playing with fire now with the Faith Militant and I think the show’s writers are setting up her downfall just beautifully.  Imprisoning Ser Loras for immorality, sending Lord Tyrell away so he can’t interfere, proabably accusing Margarey of adultery…just wait until Fortune’s wheel spins again, Cersei!  One minute you’re on top, the next you’re being crushed on the bottom.

3.  Poor Ser Loras.

4.  Poor people of King’s Landing for that matter.  No booze, no brothels…whatever are they going to do?

5.  Yay, we finally get to see the Sand Snakes!  They’re just as wonderfully ruthless as I pictured them and I can’t wait to see them in action.  So far I’m really liking Nymeria.

6.  How the heck did Melisandre know about “You know nothing, Jon Snow”?  I think she suspects that R + L = J and that Jon may very well not be Ned Stark’s son at all.  There’s power in king’s blood, after all…

7.  That was a really touching moment between Shireen and Stannis when he explained how she got greyscale.  Unfortunately, I think that and Melisandre’s “the Lord needs her” comments are setting up her death, but it was still sweet.

8.  No, Ser Barristan!  You poor, honourable fool.  I wish they hadn’t cut him out of the show yet because I like his character, but I guess it was not to be.  I wonder how Daenerys is going to take his death after their quite touching scene together.

9.  Well, poor Grey Worm.  I think he’s wounded at this point, not dead because of the scene where Missandei kisses him in the season’s trailer.

10.  Jaime and Bronn are awesome road trip buddies.  I suspect they’re going to run into a lot of trouble down the road.

11.  Poor Ser Jorah, poor Tyrion.  They’re really not getting along at all at the moment.

Well, what did you guys think?  Are you as disappointed as I am at Ser Barristan’s death?  What did you think of the hints at Jon Snow’s real parentage dropped throughout the episode?


  1. Jay

    Re number 8 & 9 – what an intense sequence. My GoT watching crowd at first were saying things like “Grey Worm better not die!” Etc., then I saw Ser Barristan in the ‘alley’ and thought “ah, he’ll save the day” not realizing that HE may be the one to die, then wondering “OMG, are they BOTH going to be killed off?!?!” Great stuff. The Jamie/Bronn road buddies storyline is great and quite humorous. I’m looking forward to more of that.

    • Carrie Slager

      Yeah, I can’t wait until Bronn tells Jaime to stuff it and start helping out a bit more (rowing, burying bodies, the works).

      I don’t think Grey Worm’s going to die but Ser Barristan’s actor has already given exit interviews and his body is shown in the throne room in the preview for the next episode. So I guess we can sadly say goodbye to our chivalrous knight.

  2. patricksponaugle

    I’m bummed that it looks like Ser Barristan has met his end. From a story perspective, it is useful to remove some of Dany’s counselors to make things interesting if Jorah returns with Tyrion.

    But I did love me Ser Barristan Selmy. I’m glad he got his Rhaeger story out.

    • Carrie Slager

      Yes, I absolutely loved the Rhaegar story! I sort of wish they’d do a series set 20 years before during the Mad King’s reign and the events leading up to Robert’s rebellion and the aftermath. That would be amazing.

      I’m also disappointed in Ser Barristan’s death. I kind of liked seeing him mope around when Daenerys went missing. Although on the show I guess it does make sense to remove him for Ser Jorah’s hopeful return.

      • patricksponaugle

        I’d love to see that. It wouldn’t even have to be a full series, a mini-series would be cool.

        I’m with you, I’m a fan of Ser Barristan, being one of the few decent guys on the show, and the actor was great at portraying his poise and sympathetic nature.

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