Discussion: Staying Motivated to Write

One of the things I personally struggle with is staying motivated enough to write here on my blog.  I think a lot of other people struggle with this from time to time and it’s an important thing to talk about.  When you’re in a blogging slump or even just really busy, how do you stay motivated?

I personally try to make a list and cross off items as I finish them, like my current one:

1.  Review The Courtesan Duchess

2.  Finish my review of The Dead Days Journal

3.  Read The White Princess by Philippa Gregory.

You get the idea.  Basically, my detail-oriented personality responds nicely when I have a list and physically see things being ticked off.  That’s why I have a to-review shelf on Goodreads as well; it satisfies me to take books off that shelf as I post my reviews of them.  It doesn’t always work but it’s one of the best things I can do to keep myself motivated during slumps.

So what do you guys do to stay motivated to blog/write in general?


  1. katherinereads

    I have trouble finding enough motivation too. Typically, the thing that gets me back in is some type of blogging event – maybe a readathon or blog tour. The community always brings me back 🙂

    • Carrie Slager

      Yay, a fellow list-maker! Blog tours do help as well but I find that I have to make sure I don’t over-schedule myself. It’s too tempting to sign up to review every book you guys do tours for, but I know it’s not feasible for me currently.

  2. Sharon Cho

    Recently, I’ve been responding to self-directed pressure with a dab of self-forgiveness. For example, I’ll give myself two hours to write before I go to bed. Even writing ten words will count. I usually find that at the end of ten words, my brain/fingers click into familiarity and I’ll end up with 100 or 1000 words.

    • Carrie Slager

      Self-directed pressure only really goes so far for me, I’ve found. I do make myself just sit down and write sometimes but I also need a little extra motivation, which is where my lists come in.

    • Carrie Slager

      If it works, that’s great! I think my physical calendars where I write in what I’m going to post each day are a good reminder of what I need to write and what else I need to get done.

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