Lazy Sundays: Kill the Boy (Game of Thrones Episode 5.05)

As always, spoilers!

1.  Poor Jon.  I personally think he’s making the right choice in enlisting the help of the Free Folk but it sure doesn’t seem very popular with the rest of the Night’s Watch.

2.  Sansa, just get out of there!  There are warning bells going off left, right and centre: Theon turned into Reek, Ramsay’s clear enjoyment of mind games, etc.

3.  I hope Brienne and Podrick do manage to rescue Sansa, but realistically they’re not going to.  Still, it will be interesting to see them try.

4.  Oh Daenerys…first you almost kill a man then you say he was right and tell him you’re going to get married.  Are you always this romantic?

5.  And wow, that Missandei-Grey Worm scene was amazing.  Those two actors have such great chemistry together that they make every scene together so emotional.

6.  No, Ser Jorah!  Why, oh why, did you have to take Jon Connington’s storyline?  Gah!

What did you guys think of tonight’s episode?


  1. brendantbewley

    I personally didn’t really like it. It felt unnecessarily slow. Dany’s decisions felt kind of random. I dunno, the character interactions just weren’t as interesting as previous weeks. Although I did like Grey Worm/Missandei scene and Sansa’s reaction to Reek.

    • Carrie Slager

      As I said with Patrick below, I think the reason that Dany’s decisions are kind of random is that she’s finding her leadership style. Partly with Daario’s urging she thinks being ruthless is the only way to project strength but at the same time Ser Barristan’s counsel for mercy was playing in her ears after she fried that guy. I think she’s going to go more for mercy and that sort of explains her decision to marry into a Meereenese noble family.

      I didn’t really feel that the episode was slow, in part because I’m really fearing for some of my favourite characters right now: Sansa, Ser Jorah, Tyrion and Jon Snow. There’s a lot more set up in this episode and I think it’s because the next episode is going to be very action-packed.

      • brendantbewley

        I think you’re right that Dany will probably be leaning more towards mercy in the future. I personally really like her struggling to do the right thing this last season or so. The political conundrums, like what to do about the fighting pits, are really fascinating for me. What I felt was random was the really grisly execution of someone who may be innocent. I feel like she has never quite done something like that before (the mass crucifixions, in her mind, were eye-for-an-eye style justice, this was just killing a possible innocent to make a point). And I feel like it kind of undermines a lot of the development she’s had so far.

        I think the Winterfell stuff was the only part that slowed things down for me. I don’t care about Ramsay’s girlfriend, and the general awfulness of the Boltons was hard to take for such a long time before moving somewhere else, even though there were some really good scenes with them.

  2. patricksponaugle

    I was pretty happy with the episode, overall.

    Jon’s right, but he’s terrible at getting his message out to his guys. Dudes, no one wants a critical mass north of the Wall. They’d build a ramp of bodies and come right over, like World War Z.

    Speaking of that, will Jorah be the cause of World War G in coming to Meereen and hiding his grayscale?

    That kennel scene was terrifying.

    Dany’s motivations are somewhat mysterious, but I respect that she’s acting with her own agency, being proactive and not reactive.

    I’m terrified for Brienne. The Boltons know what she looks like, since they had her in a bear pit a few seasons ago.

    • Carrie Slager

      Yeah, Jon Snow definitely needs a PR rep or something to help him get his message across in an effective way. Also, forget the ramp of bodies; they still haven’t sealed the tunnel so enough bodies pushing against that steel would break it.

      I’m not sure. Jon Connington in the book didn’t seem to pass it on to anyone.

      I think Daenerys is really trying to find her style as a ruler, which explains her actions. One minute, she thinks ruthless is a good style at the urging from Daario (like burning that guy alive) and the next she’s following Ser Barristan, using mercy. I think she’s just finding herself.

      Yes, I was so busy being scared for Sansa that I forgot about Brienne! She’s in danger too along with poor Pod.

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