A Note on my Affiliate Programs

As you guys saw a couple of days ago, I am now on the Amazon Affiliate program.  So if you happen to be shopping on Amazon and want to support me a little, click one of the links at the end of my book reviews.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you buy the book because Amazon gives me a small percentage of everything you buy.

I have joined the Powell’s affiliate program and am quite happy with the percentage they pay out (which is twice what Amazon’s is).  They’re a great independent bookstore so I signed up for their affiliate program and will be adding a Powell’s link at the end of every review.

I have also applied to be an affiliate for AbeBooks, a site I shop quite frequently because of its large volume of used books.  When/If I get approval from them I’ll also be adding AbeBooks links at the bottom of my reviews.

Just so you guys know!  And thank you for any support you throw my way through these programs.

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