Lazy Sundays: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken (Game of Thrones Episode 5.06)

1.  Ah, so we finally saw the room of faces in the House of Black and White.  Finally, Arya’s storyline is getting way more exciting as her training starts in earnest.

2.  Poor Ser Jorah and Tyrion again.  Good thing Tyrion is a fast-talker!  It also explains how he and Jorah make it to Meereen.

3.  Hmm…so now we know all about Littlefinger’s plans.  He wants the Boltons and Stannis to fight each other and with the crown’s approval he’ll swoop in with the army of the Vale to beat the winner, who will be licking his wounds.  Then he can be warden of the north, marry his second choice (Sansa) and muster the north to fight the beaten and bloodied Lannisters and Tyrells for the rest of Westeros.  Well played, Baelish.  Well played.

4.  Margarey and Loras are locked up!  And Lady Olenna is on the scene.  I’m thinking things are going to be interested when Olenna seeks out some of Cersei’s men and accuses her of the very thing she’s accusing Margarey and Loras of: immorality.

5.  Trystane and Myrcella seem like a sweet couple.  Your typical hormonal teenage couple, anyway.

6.  Um, did anyone else find the fight between Jaime, Bronn and the Sand Snakes a little lame?  Normally Game of Thrones has awesome stunt people and the fights are well choreographed but I just felt that scene was lacking.  The actresses for the Sand Snakes are kind of unconvincing as warriors.  It’s…disappointing.  They looked as about convincing as I would in a fight and that’s, to be perfectly frank, pathetic.

7.  Finally, we hear a bit of “The Dornishman’s Wife” from Bronn!  As much as I love “The Rains of Castamere” it’s nice to hear something new.

8.  Okay, the Sansa rape scene.  Twitter is brimming with outrage over it, claiming that it was completely superfluous and unnecessary and an insult to George R. R. Martin’s original story.  People on Twitter clearly have a short memory: do they not know that marital rape was totally a thing back then?  Are people forgetting that even in Canada marital rape was only made illegal in 1983?  And that criminalization of marital rape only started in the United States in the early 1970s?  And most of all, do they not remember that Daenerys was raped on her wedding night too?  This is what brides expect from their husbands in the Game of Thrones world!  That’s why it was such a surprise to Sansa that Tyrion didn’t rape her on their wedding night.  Ugh.  People believe that depicting something is the same as condoning it, which it completely isn’t.  I think it’s not gratuitous and that the rape scene there is setting up some very important character development for Sansa.  Trust me when I say I’m the last person that would advocate for gratuitous rape.

So what did you think of tonight’s episode?


  1. patricksponaugle

    I’m going to say that I liked the episode, although as you pointed out about depiction != condonins, my liking of the episode does not mean I’m happy with the events… (does that make sense? I’m not pro-Ramsay, obviously, but people angry at the show that Ramsay behaved exactly as he did were were wanting to be watching a different show…)

    I find most of the Dorne stuff disappointing, not that I don’t like the look of Dorne or the actors, I just don’t think it was an inspired adaptation of that part of the book. The Sansa adaptation is working much better, since it’s relevant and tense and is the focus of many intersecting storylines.

    I’m hoping for some kind of payoff with Prince Doran.

    Thumbs up on Bronn singing the beginning of the Dornishman’s Wife. He’s right that the end is the best part.

    • Carrie Slager

      No, that makes complete sense. I didn’t like the Red Wedding, for example, but the episode itself was enjoyable because of the sheer feels you get from the episode as a whole, particularly the actual wedding.

      I have to agree to disagree with you on the Dorne stuff. As a former dancer, I felt the choreography was lackluster and the actors themselves REALLY didn’t look comfortable with it. They looked really awkward, like they weren’t sure what their next move was. When they tried to strike Bronn or Jaime they looked uncomfortable and the worst part was when any of them had to back up…it was just cringe-worthy. Even to me, someone who is not particularly athletic, they didn’t look like athletes. They just weren’t that convincing.

      Yes, I’m definitely wondering what Doran will think of Ellaria’s plot after he specifically told her not to try to harm Myrcella. And did you see Bronn get cut in the fight? I wonder if the daughter uses the same kind of poisoned blades as the father…

      • patricksponaugle

        In regards to Dorne, that fight was certainly unconvincing. When I said that I didn’t mind the actors, I wasn’t talking about the fight, I like them well enough standing around. I might not be making myself clear…

        And yes, I’m VERY worried about Bronn.

        • Carrie Slager

          Oh, that makes a little more sense. Although part of the blame lies with me and my sleepiness. Did you find the fight itself to be cut weird, from an editing perspective? It seemed almost too jerky, like the editors were desperately trying to make it exciting. It’s definitely not the beautifully edited Oberyn vs. the Mountain fight from last season.

  2. alterlisa

    My biggest complaint was that finally we see the room of faces in the House of Black and White and it so dark that we really don’t get a good look at it. Yes, I realize that they didn’t have electric light but seriously, could they not give us a better look at the room. What’s the point of having the detailed rooms and then not letting us really SEE them.

    • Carrie Slager

      I actually saw the room just fine but I also have the brightness of my TV turned up from Walking Dead. But yeah, if you have it on at normal levels I think it would be frustrating to not see the great set.

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