One Week Until Book Expo America!

Even just thinking about BEA right now ensures I can’t sit still like a normal adult human being.  I’m so excited to see New York and the convention that I’ve already started packing.  It’s only Wednesday and I don’t leave until Sunday but I’m just ridiculously excited.  So I wanted to talk a little bit about my plans for this week-long trip.

First off, I plan to finish off the week as I normally do: with some reviews, a discussion and hopefully a Game of Thrones recap once I get all settled into the hotel in New York.  Then things start to get a little crazy.

For the whole week I’m in New York, virtually none of my posts will be book related.  I’ll be doing daily recaps of what I’ve done as a tourist and/or as a book blogger.  So you’ll be able to see what extreme exhaustion does to a human being because my flight is definitely a red-eye flight as well as see what extreme excitement does to ones’ writing ability.  It should be an interesting journey, both for me and hopefully you, my readers.  I’m going to take lots of pictures (as usual) and will be posting the best ones here on The Mad Reviewer.  I’ve got big plans for myself and I can’t wait to actually carry out those plans!

So that’s the scoop on what’s happening in the next little while.  See some of you at BEA in just under a week!


  1. charliegirlteachergirl

    I want to go to BEA in the next few years. I just need the appropriate planning time, and time off…which, as a teacher, with our state testing moved to May…may never happen. :/ One day! One day! I’m so excited for you. Can’t wait to see what all you share!

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