Packing for Book Expo America

BEA 002 Contrary to what the media would have you believe, when packing for Book Expo America clothes were definitely not my #1 priority.  Instead, I focused on saving space for books!  I’m not expecting all that many books, but you never know.  I also spent plenty of time figuring out how to fit all of my electronics in my carry on bag, which was actually quite successful once I cleaned out my purse in case any contraband like nail clippers sank to the bottom. So packing wasn’t all that hard in general but poor Tyrion really wasn’t used to all the chaos in the house.  He alternated between squeaking/meowing indignantly and rubbing up against me, purring.  He doesn’t know that I’m leaving yet but he can sense that something is about to change and he’s not happy at all. What are you guys up to lately?  If you’re American, what are you planning to do in this upcoming Memorial Day long weekend?


  1. LMcCJL

    Enjoy the Book Expo. Remember, you can always mail books home to yourself. Today is chilly in New Jersey so we’re heading to Avengers: Age of Ultron. Tomorrow will be nice so we’re going to a small town on the Delaware River to spend the day, Monday will be rainy and nasty so we have no plans. Our town celebrated Memorial Day last weekend (giving themselves a rain date for this weekend). But, Independence Days is strictly a money matter–our town will celebrate that on July 19 (15 days late) for a less expensive band and fireworks display.

    • Carrie Slager

      Actually, since I have to mail them back to Canada, it’s cheaper to pay $30 for an extra piece of luggage at the plane than to ship it.

      Our weather here has been beautiful, but unfortunately it has meant forest fires in the area again. It’s so dry! Some rain like the kind New York is getting recently would really be nice. They even sent in a couple of thousand extra firefighters from across Canada. I think they’re getting things under control now but it was a little worrying for a bit, especially when you consider just how many old log homes still stand in my region.

  2. charliegirlteachergirl

    I was just talking this week with my school librarian about BEA. She didn’t know what it was, so I filled her in. I told her I want to go, but I need to super plan it out, and that the recommendations are always to bring a suitcase (rolling!) for books! Clothes are definitely not a priority! haha. I am going on a first date this weekend and catching up with the blog. We’ll see how it goes! Have a super fantabulous time at BEA. Take pictures to share! 🙂

    • Carrie Slager

      Yeah, you’re not allowed a rolling suitcase on the floor but you can check it in in the luggage area. That’s what I’m doing! I packed a child’s suitcase inside my regular one so when I come home I’ll just pay $30 for the extra checked bag. It’s much cheaper than actually paying for any shipping.

      I hope BEA is as awesome as I’ve heard! I’m going to be taking lots of pictures. 🙂

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