Discussion: Connecting With Other Bloggers

One of the things that’s just part of being a blogger is (of course) connecting with other bloggers.  I find that the most common way I connect with my fellow bloggers has been through leaving comments on other blogs or responding to the awesome comments here on my blog.  I’m not a big user of social media but I have connected with a couple people on Twitter who then started following The Mad Reviewer.

Since I’m not exactly a social media guru I suspect that my methods of connecting with fellow bloggers are not representative by any means.  So what I want to know is this: How do you, as a blogger, connect with your colleagues?  Looking back on some of the blogger friendships/partnerships you’ve developed, how did they start?  And, more importantly, how do you maintain them?

I’m busy working all Saturday (ah, the joys of living in a tourist town) so I won’t be able to respond to your comments much but I will try to get to them before I board my flight on Sunday.


  1. lawonder10

    Hi! I think you have great ideas. I – like most of us Reviewers – have been bombarded with books to review, plus, I have had added Internet & WordPress challenges and now am in the process of revamping my blog. With all that said, I tried to actively participate in your challenge. Although I read/review the books, I cannot stay on top of reporting, etc.

    I have been slothful in commenting on fellow-blogger sites and I am very sorry. I know how important we support each other with comment and Giveaway entries. I appreciate those who “follow” my site and leave comments and enter giveaways.
    Thank you for your efforts to call us bloggers together!

  2. Java Davis, author

    I review travel books and movies, and blog some about travel, some about pumpkins, and some about life in general. My site is not yet a year old, so it hasn’t gotten overwhelmed yet. I’m anxious to connect with other bloggers, and look forward to it in the future. I have a links page where my favorites land.

  3. charliegirlteachergirl

    First, I always feel I’m bad at reciprocating in bloggy friendships. I’m not up on the social media use either. I have a blog FB page, and my personal Twitter accounts, but I rarely use them. They automatically share and tweet posts on the blog, and that’s pretty much it. Most of mine are actually with authors via email after they’ve submitted their book for review and I reviewed it on my blog. I may not hear from them for a while, but it’s always nice to catch up when they pop in. I try to get around to visiting others’ blogs, and return the comments, but I’m not always the best at it. I have a couple who I’ll email every once in a while, one who is a tour organizer I’ve worked with since the first year of my blog. I actually let her down with my first tour when went on hiatus due to work, and she wasn’t rude or discouraging when I came back and didn’t hold it against me, so we keep in touch.

  4. Rebecca Vance

    I am on quite a bit of social media. Before deciding to get back to writing, I didn’t have a computer for quite some time. When I finally got one, I was a computer game junkie, and went on Facebook and made a lot of friends from the games. I posted it when I decided to get my writer’s platform together and upon reading other blogs about writing and blogging, I wanted to come up with a novel way (no pun intended, :)) to blog. At the time, there were a lot of reviewers, but not solely for the “newbies”. That is when I decided to review only debut indie authors. It was slow at first. I thought I would just go on Amazon and get the freebies and review. Then someone told me I should consider getting a Twitter account. OMG..I was constantly inundated with requests! I had no idea what I was doing back then, and I wanted to be well-read, so I accepted just about everyone that requested a review. I knew how important those reviews were to them starting out. The result: I waited way too long to suspend requests and had more than I realized, and didn’t know how I’d ever finish. I am still plugging away at that queue. Well, to make a long story short, I read their blog and commented. I’ve had a couple of guest bloggers on my blog, and I’ve made a lot of great friends along the way. I am extremely honest in my reviews, and get a lot of flak from some writers over it, but the ones that still constantly ask me for a review, I really think they respect that. Some writers think that other writers should only review those that they can give four and five stars to. I disagree, but that is another post entirely. 🙂

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