Lazy Sundays: The Gift (Game of Thrones Episode 5.07)

I actually missed Sunday because I was busy travelling but I’m backdating this post to make sure it actually sort of makes sense.  Because I just can’t go a week without a proper Game of Thrones recap.

1.  Jon is off to go and negotiate with the Free Folk over at Hardhome and as Ser Alliser points out, Sam is quickly losing friends.

2.  On that note, awesome Sam!  He’s finally realized that he loves Gilly enough to conquer his natural cowardice for her.  Had Ghost not stepped in I have no doubt he would have charged those two guys again.

3.  I thought the change from the books regarding Aemon’s death was interesting.  I wonder how they’re going to get Sam and Gilly on a boat to the Citadel so Sam can be a maester?

4.  Hmm…Sansa picked up what looked like a corkscrew when Ramsay was tormenting her.  Now that Theon’s no longer a viable option for her, I wonder what she will be driven to do?  The episode 8 trailer seems to hint at what she wants to do.

5.  Good on Stannis for refusing to sacrifice Shireen.  It shows that no matter how taken he is with Melisandre, he clearly loves his daughter more.

6.  I honestly thought Bronn was going to die and the whole poison-antidote scene with Tyene seemed a little dumb to me.  Sure, that’s her personality but it felt almost as contrived as that whole fight scene last episode.

7.  Wow, the Jorah and Tyrion timelines are really going fast.  Neither of them has really suffered under slavery the way they do in the books.  Bam!  They’re sold as slaves.  Bam!  They’re meeting Daenerys.  Things are going to get ineresting very quickly here.

8.  On that hand, as a purely physical attraction I admire Daenerys’ taste in men.  But when you actually examine Daario as a person there are a LOT of red flags.  Girl, you need to stop listening to him!

9.  Poor Tommen.  He really seems to want to help Margarey but at the same time he doesn’t have the leadership experience to make a complicated political maneuver in order to appease the Faith Militant without losing face.

10.  Ha!  Cersei finally got caught in her own trap.  Things are going to get very, very interesting from here.

11.  Lady Olenna may be the Queen of Thorns but she doesn’t seem to understand true religious fanatics very well.  They don’t care what you do to them!  They’ve got their god/gods on their side!  And the High Sparrow is utterly devoted to his belief that every sinner is equal.

12.  Hmm…I wonder what Littlefinger is up to now.  I don’t think even he can put a leash back on the rabid dog that is the Faith Militant now, no matter what he seems to promise Lady Olenna.

So what did you guys think of this episode?

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