My New York Trip Day #6: Last Day of Book Expo America 2015

DSCN2030As pretty much everyone who writes on the topic of Book Expo will inform you, the last day of the expo is the craziest.  There are the most people with the most books and they’re all there to get as many books signed as possible.  Line ups are crazy and it’s a little disorganized but things usually work out okay in the end.

I know this because I went to go get a book by Scott Westerfeld signed and ended up in line for almost an hour.  That wasn’t all that bad because who should be behind me but Kellie Sheridan, the co-founder of Patchwork Press and author of Mortality, a book I thoroughly enjoyed.  Talking to her was awesome while waiting for Scott Westerfeld (who was, in the brief time we met, incredibly nice).

The only other book I stood in line for was Fairest by Marissa Meyer.  It was a good thing I showed up early to get in line because apparently they were limiting the line to 100 people or something.  It wasn’t one of the ticketed signings but I think a lot of people really wanted the book so I’m glad I ended up getting it. Marissa Meyer is one of those authors I never expected to stumble across but have absolutely loved her books in the Cinder series.  Reading Fairest will be a nice little treat while waiting for her next full length book.

I wanted to meet up with two people but only actually met up with one, which was fine.  I can’t talk much about who I met and what we discussed because so far it’s just in the works but I think it’s something a lot of book reviewers like me could benefit from in the future.

On this last day I didn’t really stick around long because I’d seen pretty much everything I wanted to see and talked to almost everyone I wanted to talk to.  I had a great time at the Expo and would recommend it to anyone who has wanted to go in the past.  The bloggers conference isn’t really worth your time but the main expo definitely is.

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