My New York Trip Day #8: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver!

Carrie's New York Pictures 194So on my last full day in New York I decided to see if I could get into a live taping of John Oliver’s show, Last Week Tonight.  I mean, why not?  I didn’t get tickets because they’re almost impossible to get even if you apply the second they open but I heard there was a standby line.  So although they really don’t start putting people through security until 5:30 I showed up at 3:30 and chatted with people in the standby line until the awesome lady who manages tickets came out and took our names.  Then, when the surprise monsoon started we all waited in Starbucks down the block until she texted us to come.  So I got in and one of the ladies told us there was one seat left.  Since the other people in line were couples who didn’t want to be separated I volunteered for it and she led me to the stage.  And there I found out that it was a front row seat, not more than 15 feet away from the desk!  It was amazing and John Oliver’s long form FIFA piece was a thing of beauty (even more so in person).

But other than that, on my last day I went to the Museum of Natural History and saw a few exhibits, most notably the dinosaur one above.  I obviously didn’t get to see all of it because I was only there for a few hours and that place is massive, but a little taste of it was great.  I walked to the museum through Central Park and saw Belvedere Castle and the obelisk that stands there so I counted it as a great day.  Despite the absolute monsoon later on in the day, I barely got rained on and I think my last day was one of the best there.

Seeing John Oliver live was definitely one of the highlights of my trip, though.  It was amazing!

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