My New Profile Picture

Now, normally a new profile picture wouldn’t be news but I’m actually pretty excited about this one because I had it professionally done.  I had to get some serious photos done for other purposes so I decided while I was at a professional photography studio that I’d have a couple of fun pictures done.  And this is the result:

Carrie Book PictureThere!  I don’t ever recall having a flattering picture of myself.  But now I have one that flatters me and strokes my ego.  I’m very pleased with how it turned out and the books I used as props sum up my range of interests, from memoirs to science fiction to historical fiction.

Okay, that was my little vanity indulgence for the day.  Normal, non-ego related posting will resume tomorrow.


  1. patricksponaugle

    🙂 A little vanity is fine! And books!

    (I haven’t had a chance to read the posts of your New York adventure, I’m looking forward to catching up. Glad you’re back safe and sound. And self-indulging!)

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