Lazy Sundays: The Dance of Dragons (Game of Thrones Episode 5.09)

I wasn’t sure how the writers would top episode 8, ‘Hardhome’ but I think they did with this one so let’s get to it:

1.  I knew Shireen was going to die from the minute Stannis started actually showing more affection toward her.  After Ramsay’s night raid on their camp, I think Stannis is pushed to desperation with not enough food to go forward or back.  In his mind he only has one choice.

2.  I wonder how poor Ser Davos is going to react to his de facto little girl being burned alive by her own father?

3.  Plus, I think the fact that Selyse wanted to stop the burning once it happened really shows that she’s a complicated character.  She thinks she hates Shireen but I think she fears her because of the greyscale and sees her as a failure.  I mean, out of all the children she had, only Shireen, the ‘deformed’ one survived to term?

4.  For a second there I thought Ser Alliser wasn’t going to let Jon Snow and the wildlings through the gate.  But since he did I think he’s angling to take over Jon’s job, forcibly if necessary.  Showing the Night’s Watch their Lord Commander’s ‘greatest sin’ is just one way to really turn sentiment against him.

5.  I knew Arya was going to see Ser Meryn in Braavos from the time Cersei sent him to escort Lord Tyrell.  And after that disturbing brothel scene I think Ser Meryn’s days are numbered just the same as Arya’s time at the House of Black and White is numbered.

6.  I’m glad Bronn and Jaime are making it out of Dorne with Myrcella and Trystane.  But what is Ellaria playing at?  I doubt she’s given up her dream of getting revenge for Oberyn’s death, no matter what she swears to Doran.

7.  Wow, the look on Daenerys’ face when Ser Jorah appeared in the pit again was just perfect.  As was her look when she thought he tried to kill Hizdahr but really just killed a Harpy.

8.  On that note, I was kind of surprised they killed of Hizdahr even before their marriage.  What was the purpose of that particular change from the books?

9.  Also, the choreography in the fighting pit was just beautiful.  Someone must have been drunk or high during that really awful Sand Snake fight scene because this was classic Game of Thrones.

10.  Yay, Dany finally got to ride Drogon.  But I wonder where Drogon will take her?  Will she end up where she does in the books or will the show’s writers change that slightly?

So what did you guys think of this super-intense episode?  I’m very, very excited for the finale this year!


  1. patricksponaugle

    I’m like super mad at Stannis. But I think the show has given us enough background and framework in place for Stannis to be that heartless and focused. He’s not the first king in literature to be atrocious. I want him to wipe out the Boltons, and he might even be a decent king, but he’s in my “time to go serve the rest of your life productively at the Wall, there are some latrine trenches that need digging” list of characters.

    That brothel scene was particularly disturbing when it was clear they grabbed some random young girl, working the kitchen or something. Oh Meryn Trant, you are no white knight. And not long for the world.

    Jorah has really good aim with that spear! (Or does he? Maybe he WAS going for Hizdahr.)

    Since it’s clear that Hizdahr wasn’t the leader of the harpies, and might have been a decent guy, I’m voting him honorary Stark.

    1) Dad killed by a Targaryen (just like Ned)
    2) Forced into marrying (just like Sansa)
    3) Threatened with death, like all the time (like Sansa)
    4) Killed during an episode 9 (like Ned, Robb, and Catelyn)

    Poor Hizdahr.

    We just have one more episode! Then I’ll have to start Game of Thrones blogging…

    • Carrie Slager

      You’re right that Stannis isn’t the first king in literature to be atrocious. Agamemnon, anyone?

      Well, the Meryn Trant perversion thing makes sense since he was always the one to beat Sansa when Joffrey ordered and he didn’t hesitate when he was commanded to rip her clothes off.

      No, I honestly don’t think he’d kill Hizdahr. He’s just not that kind of man–yet.

      Yeah, I’m going to miss Hizdahr in a way. He was sort of a nice opposing voice to Daario’s rashness and he was rather nice to look at if I’m totally honest. But yeah, I guess he’s an honorary Stark, especially when you include the horrifying death scene in the dreaded episode #9. He was a little ruthless but then again you have to when you’re growing up in a powerful family in a slave city like Meereen. I think Tyrion was right: he and Tywin would have gotten along just fine.

      Sigh. I don’t want to wait almost another year for my Game of Thrones fix. I’ll just have to content myself with your awesome recaps and analysis! 🙂

      Mother’s Mercy…are we going to see a certain stone-hearted lady or not? Do you think they’ll bring her into the story or just let Sansa take on that revenge aspect?

      • patricksponaugle

        Hmmm… mother’s mercy…

        I’d love for there to be a reference to LSH, even if it means she’ll appear next year.

        If Sansa takes that role, that might be interesting. I don’t know if I could handle the full LSH for her (as in the entire process that creates her) but her becoming a living breathing vigilante type might be cool.

        I don’t know. We won’t have long to wait until episode 10 and we’ll see what happens. Then we have that LONG 9.5 months of virtual winter, fretting.

        We’ll get through somehow!

        • Carrie Slager

          No, I didn’t mean go full LSH but rather take on the whole ‘avenger’ persona, a sort of vigilante as you said.

          Argh, I can’t wait for Sunday! You need to start Game of Thrones blogging again almost immediately after that or my withdrawal symptoms are going to be unbearable. 😉

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