Lazy Sundays: Father’s Day

Today I was lucky enough to spend the whole day with my dad.  We had a great time together and although we planned to go out and do something ended up spending most of the afternoon on the couch binge-watching Game of Thrones (because my family has never been conventional).  I also presented him with a surprise I cooked up for Father’s Day:

Father's Day 002

It’s an old fashioned beehive skep carved out of a single log.  The artist who does the carvings goes all over Saskatchewan peddling his wares but he always seems to spend the most time in my tiny little town because his sculptures are the thing to have around here.  He does great work and he’s really good with special commissions so I asked him to make the sculpture above.  I took it home, bought some stain from work (I work at a hardware store) and stained it this colour.  Then I took a nice thick varnish and used it to seal both the base of it and the actual sculpture.  That way it won’t crack and become damaged by the weather over time.  I may have to apply a few new coats in the future but it will last for a lot longer than it would have had I just used stain.

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