My Kindle Paperwhite: Two Years Later

Today I was looking back through my archives for inspiration and found this post when on June 26, 2013 I was very excited that I finally bought a Kindle Paperwhite.  It’s been two years since then (even though it feels like just yesterday) so I figured I might as well share my thoughts about it now that I’ve used it much more.

1.  It’s still really light and I can hold it at all kinds of angles.

This is especially good when I’m reading in bed and it’s too cold to have anything but a single hand out from under the covers.  The area where you can touch to turn the page is relatively large so I don’t even have to be that precise.  It’s definitely a good size for my hand as well.

2.  I can even read in the dark.

My Kindle Paperwhite has a very gentle light that’s easy on the eyes.  It’s great in the daytime and when I turn it down to the minimum I can read in the dark for hours without my eyes aching. Given how much time I end up looking at a computer at work during the day, this is kind of a relief when I just want to sit down and read in the evenings.

3.  The internet connection is very good and the downloading speed is quick.

When I want to download a book I received from NetGalley I turn my Kindle’s wifi on and within seconds the book starts downloading.  It’s also done in a matter of seconds, even though my wifi really isn’t the greatest.  Given that I read books that are 500+ pages sometimes, this is quite impressive.

4.  Best of all, it holds a lot of books.

I currently have over 200 books right on my Kindle and it has space for many, many more.  So if you’re an avid reader like myself, even the basic Kindle Paperwhite like I bought will hold more than enough books for you.  I of course delete the ones I don’t like but even if I didn’t I’d have quite a bit of space left.  Basically, your Kindle can be your mini-library.

5.  Sometimes it can’t keep up with my reading speed.

The only bad experience I’ve really had with my Kindle is that sometimes when I’m just sight-reading or skimming it freezes because it can’t keep up with my reading speed.  It doesn’t happen very often, mind you, but it is kind of annoying when it does.


So if you’re undecided about getting an ereader I’d highly recommend getting one.  I got a very basic Kindle Paperwhite for $129.99 and it has definitely been worth the money over these past two years.  I’m sure the freezing problem has probably even been improved on the newer Paperwhite models and the higher-end models like the Kindle Fire.  Basically, if you’re an avid reader or you do any book blogging and want to get books from authors/publishers/agents, you’re going to need an ereader.  And even if you’re reluctant like I was, I think you’ll find that it was definitely worth it.

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