I’m Looking for Guest Posters!

Do you love books?  Do you want a little more publicity and exposure for your blog?  If so, read on!

In July I will be taking a little bit of a break from blogging and commenting regularly because of my surgery recovery time.  During this time I’ve scheduled several reviews and other posts that will ensure I keep up my daily posting schedule.  But to alleviate some of the stress around this, I would like to get a couple of guest posters in.

So what’s in it for you if you decide to guest post?

1.  A guest post in return.

That’s right, I don’t expect you to write just for exposure!  If you write me a guest post, when I get better I’ll write a guest post for you.  That way, your net output on your blog stays the same; you’re not losing any posting days.  You’re just getting something a little different.  And even if your blog isn’t about books, I can write on almost any topic I find interesting.

2.  Exposure.

This is, of course, the obvious one.  When you write a guest post for me I promote it extra-hard on Twitter and write you up a cool little blurb with your picture or blog logo as well as all of your relevant social media and blog links.  It’s really the least I can do.


Am I looking for any kinds of posts in particular?  Not really.  If it’s book-related in any way, shape or form I’d be more than happy to host it here on my blog.  Here is just a basic list of things I’d love to have guest posts about:

  • Interesting historical figures (you can but don’t have to relate this to books they feature in)
  • Anything about the publishing industry
  • Blogging pet peeves
  • Your book or a topic related to your book (such as this post about the rise of LGBT fiction)
  • Any sort of blogging how-to guides (i.e. improve your views, get more comments, choosing a blogging platform)
  • Any other idea you want to pitch to me!

If you’re interested in guest posting for me in early to mid July, drop me an email or contact me via the Contact Page here on my blog.  Then we can discuss details about when the post will be live, what topic your post is about and when I’ll be returning the favour.

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