Lazy Sundays: Wildfires

One of the things I’ve never really had to worry about too much in my area of Saskatchewan was wildfires.  For the past few years we’ve had consistent rain and heavy snowfall that prevented these sorts of things from cropping up.  Not this year, however.  This year there was very little snowfall and there’s been even less rain while the temperatures are pushing the mid-30s Celsius.  So there are wildfires all over Saskatchewan, particularly here in the north.

I’m in no danger from the wildfires currently and they are still several hours north of where I am.  The only way these things really affect my life is with the smoke coming down on the wind.  It has settled down all over Saskatchewan and the air quality is very poor, along with the visibility.  My asthma isn’t exactly the best at the moment but I’m making do.

I just hope that the fires don’t do too much damage where they currently are and that the evacuees (some of them are even staying in my community) can return to their homes soon.  A little rain would be nice right now.

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