The Best and Worst of June 2015

This month was generally okay for me on the personal front.  I didn’t get much posting done and for that I have to apologize but even with my surgery things should be a bit more regular in terms of post times and dates.  Still, my site stats were okay.  I received a total of 5,224 views with 3,607 of those being unique views.  That’s certainly not my best ever but it’s not my worst ever.  July should be a little better overall.

So what were my best posts this month?

1. Why Girls Hate Game of Thrones—A Rebuttal

2. How to Read 100 Pages in an Hour

3. The Hunger Games and Ancient Rome

4. The Mad Reviewer is Open to Review Requests (Temporarily)

5. Othello by William Shakespeare

None of these are really new or surprising aside from my review of Othello.  It wasn’t particularly in-depth or insightful but I guess that since Othello is a common grade 12 English play here in Canada I got some of the traffic from students.  Overall it didn’t get that many views but it certainly did better than quite a few of my other more popular posts.

So what were the worst posts this month?

1. Aegis Rising by S. S. Segran

2. The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

3. If You Love the Iron Fey…

4. September Sky by John Heldt

5. Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink

Most of these are books that aren’t exactly popular or are really dated posts like the Iron Fey one about the release of some short stories tying in to the main series.  The only really disappointing one on this list is John Heldt’s book September Sky, which is an unconventional time travel romance that I absolutely loved.  But, like most ‘worst’ posts one month, it will likely be off the list next month.

Well, that pretty much sums up my June.  How was yours?

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