Saskatchewan: Still on Fire

The wildfires that are raging throughout Western Canada haven’t really let up.  In fact, a little bit north of where I am they’re even worse as more and more people are being evacuated, particularly from the remote reserves.  It’s not pretty but I don’t really expect the fires to come down this far south.  We’re pretty dry down here but at the same time we’ve been getting a bit of rain here and there so we should be fine.  The only real downside is the continuing smoke.  Today it was so bad you can barely see more than a couple hundred yards when you can normally see almost a kilometre in the distance because we’re pretty flat around here.

My boss and I were commiserating as fellow asthmatics about the air quality.  A customer overheard us and said, “Yeah that must be tough.  How do you deal with it?”

“Take more drugs.”  We said this at pretty much the same time so you know how bad it’s been.

Hopefully Saskatchewan gets a bit of a respite and all those firefighters they’ve called in are able to beat the fires back before they do any further damage.  It’s funny in a way because the fires have been raging since for a couple of weeks but the media hadn’t been able to muster the requisite number of f**ks in order to care until the fires affected the air quality in Saskatoon and Regina.  Yep, we’re not all that far north of CTV and CBC stations (half a day’s drive) but they really can’t be bothered to care until it personally affects them and/or they can no longer ignore the story because other people are pointing out that half the province is currently on fire.

Journalism at its finest.

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