Lazy Sundays: A Little Nervous

Tomorrow morning at 8:30am I have to be at the hospital for my tonsillectomy and I must admit that with a little less than 12 hours to go I’m a bit nervous.  Okay, maybe I’m a lot nervous.  Logically, I know everything is almost 100% guaranteed to go just fine and I’ll experience some pain afterward but will statistically be okay.  Emotionally, I can’t help being as nervous as a teenage girl on her first-ever date.  My blood pressure is probably through the roof right now and it doesn’t really help that I’m going to have to start my fast pretty soon.

I’m not really looking forward to going on a forced liquid diet because I really do love good solid food but I think I’ll live.  Having my tonsils out will be a good step toward a better quality of life as I won’t constantly be getting tonsillitis.  I also won’t have the snoring problem that I’ve acquired recently as my tonsils now remain swollen almost constantly.

Like I said I have posts scheduled for pretty much the whole week after my surgery so things will remain pretty constant here on The Mad Reviewer.  I’ll probably do a post when I’m home and feeling up to it so you guys know I’m still alive but other than that things will be pretty routine.

See ya around!


    • Carrie Slager

      Thanks Luciana! 🙂 I can’t live on ice cream but I’ve certainly been trying to live off yogurt, jello and the occasional chicken noodle soup. It was fine for the first few days but I’m really, really craving solid food at this point.

      Seriously, anyone that voluntarily goes on an all-liquid diet is insane. You can’t function like a normal human being on a liquid-only diet.

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