Reminder: I am CLOSED to Review Requests

Before my surgery on July 6 I closed down my review requests on June 26 after having them open for several months.  This is in line with what a lot of reviewers do so I’m sure it didn’t come as a shock to anyone, really.  I just announced it on my blog and put up my usual notice on my Review Policy page so that anyone checking for my review guidelines would see it immediately.

But of course this is dependent on people actually checking my review policy.  Which of course a lot of authors don’t.

So please, please, please, check review policies.  I don’t want your review requests right now unless I have specifically told you in the past to contact me the instant one of your books is available for review (i.e. the next book in a series I really loved).

This may sound a little passive-aggressive if you have submitted a review request to me and were reminded that I am closed to requests but I’m trying not to be.  Why?  Because, per my policy, any author that contacts me while my requests are closed will be banned in perpetuity from my blog.  That’s right.  If you contact me while my requests are closed, you don’t get a re-do.  You won’t have an opportunity for me to review your book ever if you break this rule.

I’ve already blacklisted a dozen authors because they’ve contacted me in the past week so please stop contacting me.  This really is your final warning because after this I’m not replying to those rude requests; I’m just going to write your name down on my banned list.  Seriously, this can be prevented by actually reading my review policy.  It’s not like my statement saying I’m closed is hard to find either.  It’s at the very top of the page in bold!

TL;DR?  Stop sending me review requests.


    • Carrie Slager

      Definitely feel free to steal the idea! 🙂 I feel that if a lot more reviewers implemented this policy authors might actually be a little more inclined to check review requests.

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