NetGalley vs. Edelweiss Poll Results

Well folks, it’s been about a week since I had my NetGalley vs. Edelweiss poll and the results are definitely in.  I asked you which galley site you prefer: NetGalley, Edelweiss, both or neither.  The overwhelming majority of you (71%) favoured NetGalley while only 14% favoured Edelweiss over NetGalley.  Meanwhile, another approximately 14% of people liked both equally.  What was really interesting was the comments section, though.

In the comments section I found out that people liked the different sites for different reasons:


  • Very easy to navigate
  • Easy to request books
  • Keeps track of statistics


  • Some more exclusive publishers
  • No self-published books
  • Does not keep track of statistics

One of the interesting things I found was that some people like that NetGalley keeps track of your review ratio (which I personally love) while others hated NetGalley because of that.  Those people preferred Edelweiss because it doesn’t track statistics so you are more willing to take chances on unknown books and not have to review them.  (Personally if I can’t review a book I just leave a little note in the ‘Feedback’ category on the book to that effect but I can understand the other side of the argument.)

Basically more people liked NetGalley because it’s easier to navigate but everyone who preferred Edelweiss liked it because it gives you access to books and publishers that NetGalley doesn’t.  It essentially comes down to personal preference with publishers and types of books as well as a willingness to sit down and figure the crazy layout that is the Edelweiss site.

Me, I’m still going to stick to NetGalley but thank you guys so much for sharing your thoughts about both galley sites.

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  1. Kristelle Linawan

    I have accounts on both sites, but I haven’t use Edelweiss services ever. Netgalley is indeed very easy to navigate but when you have your enough ‘going around’ moment in Edelweiss, it’s not that really hard. :3 -Kristelle @ Amiabooklover

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