Book Tour Poll Results

A few days ago I asked you guys whether or not you did blog tours for books and if you did, how often.  The results were actually pretty surprising.

The most popular answer was “Yes, around 2-5 per month” at 43%.  I expected the second-most popular answer to be the 1-2 per month answer but instead it was a tie between 5-10 per month and only one every few months or so.  That’s a pretty fair spread in answers but it does make sense.  Some people sign up for tour sites and do book tours constantly while others only do tours for books or authors they really, really love and want to read their books early.  That was actually one of the main reasons I joined certain tour sites that I hardly ever tour with anymore.  I only really signed up for Xpresso book tours because they have the occasional big name author that I love.  Masquerade Tours is definitely my go-to place for discovering new indie books, though.

So basically, most of my respondents did around 2-5 tours per month (which can be book blasts, book reviews, interviews, guest posts, etc.) while the rest were pretty spread out in the frequency spectrum.

What do you guys think?  If you’re a book blogger, do you participate in tours fairly often or only rarely?  What are the most common types of tour posts for you?


  1. charliegirlteachergirl

    I do participate in tours fairly often. Recently I have stuck with only CBB Promotions for review tours. I originally didn’t set out to do tours, but as a baby blog I decided it was a good thing to bring in traffic and then I found I liked a lot of the books CBB has brought in over the years. I typically do at least two review tours each month, but I’m wanting to do more author-facing posts (interviews and guest posts) combined with my reviews. The one thing I see very commonly with blog tours is an uptake of low quality reviews, such as only a restatement of the synopsis or a two-four line commentary about nothing of consequence, just to be a spot on the tour. That does bother me as a reader and fellow blogger. I go back and forth on other promotional type posts (blasts, spotlights, promos, etc.), and recently have been posting quite a few of them.

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