Update: I’m Fully Recovered

Since so many of you wished me well when I announced my surgery, I just wanted to update you on my condition.  Basically: I’m fine.  I’m actually great.  I no longer look like a shadow of my former self as I’ve gained back my weight at a healthy rate so that my ribs don’t poke into my skin every single time I turn.  I’m up and walking again and have even gone shopping in the city an hour away.  Essentially, I’m doing everything I did before the surgery and I’m not restricted in my diet anymore.

The only thing I can complain about is that the left side of my tongue is still numb.  It’s not totally devoid of feeling but as the feeling comes back it’s really tingly, like it fell asleep (just like your leg or your arm would).  The tingling is a good sign that feeling is coming back but it’s rather annoying.  And considering the possible side effects and risks from an adult tonsillectomy, I really can’t complain at all.

So thank you all for your well wishes and I’m hopefully going to be around here a lot more.

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