Lazy Sundays: Moving Preparation

As I’ve been hinting at for almost a year, at the end of August I will be moving to the city about four hours away.  It will be my first time ever living in a city so it’s going to be a huge culture shock.  However, the culture shock factor isn’t really troubling me right now.  It’s the actual moving preparations.

I’ve been having to downsize and give away quite a few of my items that I’ve hoarded over the years because I simply won’t have the room in my new apartment.  As you can probably guess, I have what normal people would describe as a huge book problem.  I own well over 300 books in my personal collection and it’s just not feasible to take them all with me at this time.  So, thankfully, my parents are storing them in the family library until I can actually purchase a house in (likely) several years’ time.  It’s kind of depressing to leave the bulk of my ever-present book collection behind but I think I’ll live.

Basically, preparing to move is kind of stressful and in a way I’m a little scared of the big lifestyle change but I’m also very excited.  Like I said last October, I am very, very happy to be getting out of my small town and see a little bit of the world.  Even if I’m still living in the province with the highest crime rates in Canada.  You can’t have everything, after all.

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