“Djoser Mad” and Other Weird Search Terms

Yes folks, it’s time for another weird search terms round-up!  And yes, they got pretty interesting this time around.

djoser mad

yes i am bad

patso mafia

what is kiera cass clue

the effect of one book review blog

what was the first man in roman history

why are zombies so scary police

when reply the reviewer, how to reply yes

was the third servil war, good or bad?

why does amanda hocking adress so many stereo types about psychics

And finally, the oddest one this time:

i hate seeing other women naked

Um, okay?  I’m not the most secure woman in the world and I still don’t care if other women are comfortable enough in their own bodies to be naked on television or even in real life.  Some of these are bizarre and others are just plain funny (patso mafia being one) but that was the absolute weirdest one this time around.

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