The Best and Worst of July 2015

Well, July hasn’t been the most consistent month for me posting-wise but it has been quite busy.  August will be a little more consistent for me as things wind down but then at the end of the month posting may be a little more spotty again because I’m moving off to the city.  It’s exciting and not a little terrifying but I think it’s going to be an overall plus.

Stats-wise July was of course quite bad but I expected that because of how inconsistent my posting was.  I had a total of 3,727 views with 2,472 of those being unique views.  That’s one of my lowest months in the past year but it was to be expected.  August will be much better, particularly with schools starting throughout North America and more teachers and students start searching for resources.

So what were the most popular posts this month?

  1. Why Girls Hate Game of Thrones—A Rebuttal
  2. How to Read 100 Pages in an Hour
  3. The Hunger Games and Ancient Rome
  4. Guest Post: #WeNeedDiverseRomance…Now
  5. The Day an Author Suggested I Kill Myself

The first three were predictable and #5 suggests that my author post made its way around Facebook again, as it periodically does.  Other bloggers seem to discover it and share it even years later to warn others so I can definitely say that publishing it was a good idea.  No other bloggers (or editors!) should endure the abuse that total arse dishes out at the slightest drop of the hat.  What I’m really happy about, however, is how well Madhuri Blaylock’s post about diversity in the romance genre did.  She put a lot of effort into it and I was so happy to host it and promote her upcoming romance novel.  She’s absolutely right: romance and fiction in general needs a lot more diversity, particularly when it comes to mainstream novels that the big 3 publishers put out.

Okay, then what were the least popular posts this month?

  1. My Interview with Janeal Falor
  2. Electrify Me by Bibi Rizer
  3. Blood Oath by Felicity Pulman
  4. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
  5. The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

Again, none of these are particularly surprising.  They’re either older books or books that aren’t exactly the most popular books ever.  It’s too bad in the case of most of them but as always no one article stays on the worst list from month to month.  My interview with Janeal Falor was disappointing to see in the bottom 5 but again it’s not a big deal as the worst 5 always rotate.

So folks, that was my July.  August is off to a rough start, I know, but things are going to get better.

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