Poll: What kind of eReader do you own?

It seems like now almost every book blogger and/or author owns an ereader.  People like me own an ereader for convenience as a book blogger but still prefer paperbacks.  Others have almost exclusively switched to ebooks.  However you like to read, it doesn’t really matter.  What I’m curious about is this: what kind of ereader do you own?

If you do own an ereader, let us know what kind in the comments as well!  Are you happy with it?  Would you buy another one from that particular brand or would you try to switch over to a different kind?  (i.e. from a Kindle to a Kobo or would you try one of the less popular ones like a PocketBook?)


  1. Silvara

    I have a Kindle, it’s my 2nd one actually. My first Kindle was a DX. Those really big ones they no longer make? I love both of them, but only really use my little one now. Easier to take to work, or wherever I happen to be going. I still love physical books, but it’s nice to be able to cart hundreds of books around if I want to. If I had to replace it, I’d go for another Kindle.

  2. Harmon

    I have a Kindle Voyage, which I use, and a couple of Sonys – T1 & 950, which are gathering dust. Before the Voyage, I used the T1. I also have a basic Kindle that I got for my wife but she’s a dead tree person…

  3. Harmon

    I use the Voyage because it’s the least hassle to use – I have a number of ways to easily acquire & send reading material to it wirelessly. I tend to use it for light reading – mysteries, SF, short stories – or ebooks of other genres I get from the library. For heavier reading, I still prefer print & have the book piles to prove it!

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