I Really Am Closed to Book Review Requests

I’m sure you guys are as tired of reading this as I am of typing it but here it is again: I am closed to book review requests.  It says so in bold at the top of my ‘Review Policy’ tab.  It also says that any author sending me a book review request anyway will be banned for life from my blog.  Yes, it’s harsh but I feel it’s necessary at this point.  Things are getting absolutely ridiculous.

In the past two weeks I have had over 5 review requests from inconsiderate authors and publicists who clearly don’t know basic courtesy, let alone how to read.  Basic courtesy dictates that you check a reviewer’s review policy before submitting your book to them and knowing how to read helps you not send that request when the reviewer states they are not open to requests.

This really shouldn’t be that difficult but it is.

Unless I have specifically told you in the past to send your books whenever you like, stop sending me review requests!

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