Lazy Sundays: Head Cold

Ugh, so much for getting back on track this week.  Normally when I suffer from a head cold I just have to blow my nose obnoxiously for a few days or weeks but this one is really taking me down.  I’m exhausted all the time and a little lightheaded when I have to climb the stairs up to my apartment.  I’m keeping hydrated and sleeping lots but this one is going to be tough.  But so far there’s no fever or any other symptoms so there’s no point in going to the doctor yet.  I foresee a lot of chicken noodle soup over the next week.

So what are you guys up to this weekend?  I’ve been in bed for most of it, reading and watching the occasional Rome episode (which is amazing so far).


  1. patricksponaugle

    Hope you feel better! I’m glad you’re enjoying ROME.

    This was a weekend of Farmer’s Market visiting, taking our goddaughter out for her birthday, raking leaves and hopefully mowing the lawn for the last time this year.

    As usual, more things were planned on getting done this weekend, than actually got accomplished this weekend.

  2. cav12

    Both seasons of Rome are great 😀
    Here in Oz, a lot of people have caught a cold and found it hard to shake off. Must be some global bug going around. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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