Discussion: Getting Out of a Reading Slump

Currently I’m on a roll with reading books but there have been times when the last thing I wanted to do was read.  I call these ‘reading slumps’ and it seems like every book blogger and/or avid reader has them on occasion.  So how do we get over them and get back blogging?

For me, writing about something else seems to help.  If I write about something book-related but don’t actually do reviews, sometimes it rekindles that urge to read again.  And a little ranting once in a while is good for you anyway.  Sometimes I don’t have a miracle cure for reading slumps; I just snap out of them without warning.  Other times it’s re-reading an old favourite that helps me.  I don’t really have a surefire way to get out of a reading slump and I think methods for getting out of reading slumps are very individualized.  What works for one blogger doesn’t necessarily work for another.

So what I want to know now is this: How do you get out of your reading slumps?  Does your method always work or work some of the time?

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