Discussion: Finding New Books

One of the things I’ve never struggled with since becoming a book blogger is finding new books and new authors to read.  I mean, I’ve had to close my submissions twice in order to catch up with the absolute deluge of requests that have flooded in.  In addition to that, I of course find new books from the recommendations of other reviewers, book tours companies, NetGalley and general Goodreads browsing.  But I’m curious: how do you personally come across new books?

Do you mostly find them when you’re browsing online or in a bookstore?  Are they mostly recommended to you by friends?  Or are you a fellow blogger and find lots of interesting books from the reviews of other book bloggers?

Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Zen A.

    I used to find them through Goodreads alone at first. Then I started exploring on my own and picking up books that tickled my fancy at bookstores. Recently I’ve been getting a lot of recommendations through the r/books subreddit too!

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