Lazy Sundays: Winter is Depressing

After a reasonably warm October and beginning of November, I think I finally have to make my peace with the fact that the snow is here to stay.  It started snowing only a couple of days ago but I guess it’s not going to melt until spring now.  (Sigh.)  I really, really hate winter.  And I really, really hate taking the bus in the cold because the busses are rarely on time.

This has basically been my Sunday: whining about the weather while knowing full well I live in Canada and so have no right to expect anything but snow in winter.

How has your Sunday been?

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  1. patricksponaugle

    I wish your Sunday had been warmer. It was chilly here, but Maryland is clearly super-warmer than lovely Canada. My dogs pretend it’s the north pole in the mornings, the way they look at me when I make them go for a walk at dawn.

    I get the evil eye. Oh yes.

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