Reading Challenge Update

Despite my frequent absences here on the blog, the Mad Reviewer Reading & Reviewing Challenge 2015 is still a go!  If you’ve finished you goal, please let me know.  I’m just about finished mine now that I’ve had time to read and review more books and update my challenge widget.  I’ll be compiling my list of people to put into the draw as soon as I get submissions.  You can either email me, use my contact page or comment here or on the original challenge post to submit your reviews.  All you have to do is tell me your blog (or your Amazon name if you’re an Amazon-only reviewer) and link to where I can find your reviews for the challenge.  I’ll verify that you achieved the goal you said and enter your name for the prize.

As a note, I still haven’t officially decided on the 3 prizes but I suspect they’ll be Amazon gift cards along with some choice books by authors who are friends of mine.  Details to come closer to the end of December!

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